If you have ended up on this page, it is an honor that you consider participating in our Fine Art project! Thank you for your interest!

We are sure that you have some questions about what is required, or how it will even work...


We do not actually require participants for this project, because we will always have different colored Maine Coons since we are breeders. Also, this is a passion project that we work on when we are not traveling for our photography career. 

However! Without your support, this project wouldn't be able to grow - and definitely not at this speed.

To embrace this idea fully, we feel that the next natural step is to road trip across the United States / Europe and photograph Maine Coons that aren't ours, giving even more meaning to those who purchase our prints. We could travel with ours, and have done so, but it wouldn't be such a mutually engaging project in this way alone. It's also a way for us, as photographers, to thank you for being so involved - in the best way we know how. 


Strictly speaking, there is no “fee” for this. This is a passion project for us, and our focus is simply to make it a reality in the best way possible.

To be candid, it would cost about $2,500 a day simply to rent the more than $100,000 in Leica cameras, lenses, lights, and support equipment used for this project.

The actual photoshoot fee would be much more, if you consider hiring a team of professionals of that skill level to travel “on location”, then spending the time and energy required to finalize a single fine art image.

However, we will not ask consideration for any of this - because that is not our purpose here.

What we ask is for all participants of a planned trip to simply share the travel cost, which would be determined and split between the participating Maine Coon owners that are on the "list" as a trip is planned, and then plan the trip accordingly around them. As with any cost sharing idea - the more participants, the better it is for all.

We will take the responsibility of planning all the details of each trip, thereby providing an accurate cost estimate for everyone before proceeding. Our goal will be to combine the best artistic locations, most agreeable schedule, and economical methodology for the benefit of all involved. While it’s impossible to make accurate estimates until a route is planned and we know exactly who will be involved, we are expecting “senior pictures” cost level…not million-dollar ad campaign cost.


We will provide you with a full resolution digital copy of the finished photo, created as a result of our collaboration in this project. This image (as intellectual property) will be given with an exclusive non-commercial license, which means that you - and only you - are free to print or use it in any way that you see fit, as long as it is for personal use and not advertising or any other commercial purpose. Full rights of use remain with the photographer, which is actually standard copyright law unless a photographer then decides to sell the rights to an image.

This is the other reason we are choosing to pursue this project without asking for a fee. By retaining rights to the image, we are able to sell fine art prints of the image.

We cannot guarantee that each photo we take will be included in the portfolio of this project; with so many factors involved (weather, cat’s cooperation, etc.) it is impossible to predict the result. That being said, our primary goal is specifically to add photos to the project - so we will do everything in our power to make it happen. Either way, we will still provide you with the best photo resulting from our combined efforts.

You will be welcome to order a signed limited edition print from us, of course - but with your copy of the final photo and exclusive non-commercial license you may also print or reproduce the photo for personal use in any way you see fit.

Just as an extra: we also plan to create unique and frame-worthy “participation certificates” as special thank you to all those intrepid Maine Coons and their owners, who we are so grateful to have chosen to spend their time and energy participating in Gentle Giants of the Wild.


To be able to achieve a successful photoshoot like this, there are many factors that must be considered: 

  • You have to have a purebred & registered Maine Coon. There will need to be proof of ownership, as well as your cat’s pedigree. Nothing wrong with mixes or strays, we love them all - but the GGOTW project is specifically about Maine Coons.

  • Your Maine Coon needs to have had its vaccinations and be generally healthy, so there's no risk of illness and contamination to our or other's cats via any vector we carry with us. You will also have to sign a liability waiver before participating.

  • Your Maine Coon needs to be socialized and not overly scared of environmental sounds. We will not force any cat to be photographed against its will.

  • Your Maine Coon needs to be accustomed to being on a leash. They usually acclimate to it very quickly if you haven't tried it before, but the day of a photoshoot is not the time to try. We will not photograph a cat without certain safety measurements, for both your sake and the cat's.

  • Your Maine Coon needs to be groomed properly; at least combed and free of mats - but not shaved, with a lion cut, or tie-dye colors. Not to be biased, but we are trying to present “Maine Coons Back in Nature” so the look needs to be as nature intended.

  • We reserve the right to end a photoshoot, or not use the photograph in our project, if we feel that your cat dislikes it, or if the picture is not powerful enough for the series.

  • There will be a contract for the participants of each trip, covering liability and licensing for the photos. This step will be completed by all participants after a trip is planned, and before that trip has begun.

  • At the time contracts are signed, the shared cost will have been agreed upon by all participants, and the funds will be collected into a general account for the purposes of travel costs incurred during the trip.

  • You have to be on time at the specific location chosen, within reason of course. Weather conditions are one of the most important factors in these photos, as is keeping to an overall schedule for the greater good of the trip and all those involved.

  • You have to be patient. This is not a 5 minute photo session, and we don't want it to look like one. It may go faster, but plan to spend 2 hours on-site.


This was an idea for the year of 2020, but support has been so fantastic on this project that we decided to kick it into gear…that means NOW!

This project will encompass many different trips to many different parts of the world, and with many different participants.

Our hope is to start making trips ASAP - and the more participants who join here, the more we have to work with.

Which trip actually works out for us to meet YOU depends on the way of the tide in general;
if we have 100 participants in the northwest but only 1 in the southeast, heading southeast just won’t be cost effective.

We do hope, however ,to have enough participation to make it happen ASAP for everyone who really wants it to happen.


By completing this form, you are under no obligation to participate - this is simply “throwing your hat into the ring”.

By the same token, we are under no obligation to work with you by filling out this form either; fair is fair after all.

As we all know, life happens after we make plans - so anything can be postponed or even not happen at all.
This is simply a heartfelt idea that will enable meeting one another and create more content for this project.

Thank you once again for making it this far, and for filling out the form below.

Let’s see where we can take Gentle Giants of the Wild!

Is your information and we promise not to steal it, sell it, or use it for any purpose other than this project.
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These help us organize the project, and know how feasible certain routes will be.
Do you have a registered Maine Coon, for which you're willing to show proof of ownership and pedigree? *
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What is your physical ability, for purpose of accessing photo locations? *
How far from home are you willing to travel, with your Maine Coon, to a photo location? *
Waterfalls, sharp mountains, interesting forests, desert vistas, scenic oceans...or anything else that is local to you (that we might not be aware of) would be extremely helpful!
This is where you can be proud of your fluff! If you have multiple Maine Coons, that's okay - just answer the following questions for all the Maine Coons you’re interested in bringing to the photoshoot.
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We're very excited about the collaboration aspect of this project, and are genuinely eager to listen...